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product description

Car mirrors are located on the left and right sides of the car's head, as well as in front of the car's interior. The car rearview mirror reflects the situation behind the car, the side and the bottom, so that the driver can indirectly see the situation in these positions. It acts as a "second eye" and expands the driver's field of vision. Car rearview mirror is an important safety part, and its mirror surface, shape and manipulation are quite particular. Rear-view mirrors, especially exterior rear-view mirrors, are definitely used the most frequently. The quality and installation of rear-view mirrors have corresponding industry standards and cannot be arbitrary. In particular, the rearview mirror of military vehicles should have the advantages of effective shock resistance and explosion-proof when in use, so as to effectively ensure its service life and performance.


However, in a special use environment, the strong shock wave is easy to break the glass, and the same is true for the rearview mirror. However, mirror-finished stainless steel cannot achieve a good sight line in a poor light environment. The shock-resistant rearview mirror has the strength of mirror stainless steel, and has the optical characteristics of ordinary rearview mirrors.

Product parameters

In a certain artillery vehicle, 600 rounds of 155mm artillery were measured, and the rearview mirror bracket was completely scrapped, and the mirror surface was still intact.


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