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The flat tire continuation device, also known as the flat tire continuation device, is commonly known in China as: (tire) hub or (tire) support body; after the car tire is damaged (such as being punctured by bullets or shrapnel) and deflated, this continuation device can immediately It assumes the role of supporting the load of the car body, so that the car can continue to travel a certain distance to a safe place (50-100 kilometers at 50km/h), thus protecting the vehicle and its passengers and meeting tactical requirements.

After years of research and development, the Meidun technology R&D team has been continuously updated and upgraded in combination with actual use. It already has a very mature multi-variety product, and has obtained a number of technical patents, which have passed the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security;


Meidun puncture continuation device (bullet-proof support) is made of lightweight high-strength nylon blend material. Under normal driving conditions, the support body does not have any influence on the tire. However, once the tire is accidentally punctured due to various reasons, the support body immediately replaces the tire to drive, so as to ensure that the driver can control the vehicle in an emergency and help the driver continue to reach the destination or maintenance point.

The Meidun bulletproof support body conforms to the NATO FINABEL standard. Applicable to special vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles, police vehicles, cash trucks, and various private vehicles

Product parameters



■ bulletproof car

■ Construction vehicles and ambulances

■ Military armored vehicles

■ Police and civilian cars

■ Cash truck

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