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Transparent armor is one of the pillar products of Meidun. At the beginning of the company's business, through the introduction of American GCP technology, the all-glass transparent armor commonly used in domestic armored vehicles at that time was directly reduced by nearly 1/3, and it has become the mainstream product of armored vehicles at present. Transparent armor has developed a full range of products that meet the national military standard GJB, the Ministry of Public Security standard GA, the American standard NIJ, and NATO STANAG various grades, which are widely used in light protection personal transport vehicles (APC) in more than 20 countries. Light Armored Vehicles (LAV), etc.


Ligard: Transparent armor, 20-50% lighter than the existing Augard series;

Heagard: De-icing within 15 minutes at -43°C with electric heating technology, no pressurization required, no light distortion;

Ragard: Stealth technology radar K, X, C, S all-band stealth, RCS scaling 10-20dB

Electromagnetic shielding technology: 50-100db;

Cooling technology: Reflects 95% infrared light and ultraviolet light, which can reduce the interior temperature by 10°C under high temperature.

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