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The bulletproof mask consists of a mask window and a mask bracket. Among them, the mask window is made of imported high-performance transparent materials, and its supporting bracket is suitable for assembling the window on various helmets, which has strong versatility.


The product has the following characteristics:

1: Light weight, superior ballistic performance;

2: High transmittance, no light deformity;

3: The bracket design is reasonable, the adjustment is flexible and reliable, and it is easy to wear;

4: Low temperature bulletproof and anti-fog function. US shield patented product Vigard-Arctic (patent number:

ZL 2012 2 0619446.9) fills the gap of bulletproof at -55°C low temperature.

Meidun is the drafting unit of the Ministry of Public Security's "GA293-2001 Police Bulletproof Helmet Grade Face Mask".

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