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The tire sidewall is the weakest part of the car tire. The tire sidewall touches the ground or the sidewall contacts with sharp objects such as roadbed, sharp rocks, splashing stones, etc., as well as man-made deliberate damage, which can easily lead to tire damage and cause the vehicle to fail to drive normally. . In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of such accidents, Midon has developed tire sidewall guards for sidewall protection.



For off-road vehicles, armored vehicles, and engineering vehicles, they often drive on non-road surfaces and need to face various complex road conditions. In rough and rocky road sections, the tire sidewall directly contacts the ground, and the rock causes the tire sidewall to be scratched and damaged until the tire blows out. The tire sidewall guard is made of ultra-light and high-strength honeycomb material, which is installed on the periphery of the tire sidewall to form a protective barrier between the tire sidewall and various sharp objects to avoid direct contact between the sharp objects and the tire, and effectively protect the tire sidewall Safety.

flame retardant

The tires of special vehicles need to meet fire protection requirements, while ordinary rubber tires are very flammable. At this time, our products will come into play. Our enclosure guards are made of flame retardant honeycomb material, which can play a flame retardant effect.


Due to the large mass of armored vehicles, the brake pads during driving will generate a lot of heat, resulting in infrared radiation. Easily observed by enemy infrared night vision systems. The tire side wall shield can effectively reduce the heat detection area at the wheel, so as to achieve the effect of stealth.

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